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Illustration of the male waist area, somewhat transparent and with a blue aura. The bony anatomy of the hip is in focus.
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  • Hip Arthritis

    One of the most common orthopedic problems, hip arthritis is the loss of cartilage in the hip joint. This condition can be debilitating, preventing patients from completing simple daily tasks such as walking and navigating stairs.

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  • Hip Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

    The death of bone tissue, called AVN, is caused by a lack of blood to the ball of the hip joint, or the femoral head. Ultimately, the cartilage surface collapses, leading to arthritis.

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  • Hip Impingement

    Hip impingement results from extra bony bumps on either the socket or ball of the hip joint. These extra bumps can pinch the soft-tissue structures of the hip joint, leading to pain and limited movement.

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