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Illustration of the upper torso of a human male, somewhat transparent and with a blue aura. The bony anatomy of the shoulder is in focus.


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  • Shoulder Arthritis

    Shoulder arthritis is a condition which the cartilage of the joint degrades over a long period of time. The cartilage that lines the shoulder is what allows for smooth and pain-free movement, as there are no nerve structures within it....

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  • Shoulder Instability

    The ball and socket construct of the shoulder joint allows for its impressive mobility. However, this wide range of motion, leaves the shoulder susceptible to dislocation events where the ball and socket lose contact with one another.

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  • Rotator Cuff Tears

    One of the most common shoulder conditions, rotator cuff tears can be a debilitating injury, resulting in the loss of shoulder movement impacting a patient’s everyday activities.

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